January 10, 2008

4 Songs I like that I think you'll like

Alicia Keys - Reckless Love

You have to love Alicia. She's beautiful, can actually play her music, and she's really, REALLY good at it. I'm convinced that you can't frown while listening to this song. It's impossible. Even if you are frowning, once you hear the hook I'm sure you will come around.

Kanye West - Homecoming

I'm not even from Chicago and I love this song. This is another song with an infectious hook. Try sining it. You'll swear you are John Legend, lol. Want proof this song is good? I just heard it on Mike and Mike in the Morning as their intro music.

Kenna feat. Nas - The Deafest 1's

This song has that late 90's Neptunes feel. That was the best time for that duo, and being from Va. Beach, I think I'm more than qualified to make that statement. Truthfully, I can't tell you half of Kenna's lyrics, but it sounds so good.

Wale feat. Lil Wayne - Nike Boots (Remix)

This song has a really smooth beat. Wale, who I've never heard of either, comes off well on this track, and Lil Wayne has another good feature. If you're counting that makes 45934570394587348 appearances for him over the last 12 months. Not all of them have been this good, so let's be glad he didn't ruin this beat.

If you like or hate these songs, let me know about it in the comments section. I'll give you a few songs that I like every few weeks. By the way, I owe you another post since I was slacking yesterday (thanks B.Lee for point that out).

-The RBG


Tough Juice said...

I'm from Chicago and this is my least favorite song on that new Yeezy. Still he dropped tracks like Stronger and Can't tell me nothing on his disc so I can accept this on the second half of the album. By the way R.B.G. what do you say is the flyer Chicago fashion item: That R. Kelly Lone Ranger mask he rocked in the Cassidy Hotel Video or Yeezy's shutter shade glasses from the Stronger video. I think we're the new mecca of fly.

Chi town sucks said...

That last song is hot, but who the hell is Wale??

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