January 6, 2008

The First Post...

First of all, thanks for visiting the RBG Road to an MBA. I’m Joe, the RBG. What is the RBG you are asking yourself? That’s the Regular Black Guy. I started this blog because as I researched the GMAT and business school in general, I found that a Black perspective on the MBA process is severely lacking. Of course this site is for anyone who is/was considering an MBA in the future, however, I think a lot of the blogs that exist are those ‘super applicant’ nerds that most people can’t relate to. I like to think I’m pretty cool, and I will try to entertain you and give you a realistic picture of what it’s like to get an MBA.

I’ve already taken the GMAT and applied to my schools so future posts will detail those processes in detail. For now, let’s just pretend that I’m about to start this process with you.

You can expect a lot of posts on the MBA application process (obviously) and business school life (once I get there). But, there certainly won’t be any interesting developments everyday so I’ll fill that time with things I fine entertaining or funny. The first of which will be the New Hampshire presidential debate that took place today. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m Black, and as such I want Barack Obama to win. I think he’s as qualified as any other candidate, and I’m intrigued by his message of change and promise to make the government more ‘see-through’ and accountable. Plus…he’s Black, lol.

I think he did well enough today to keep his momentum going, but he didn’t come off as engaging as I hoped he would be. I think Hillary helped herself out today, and Edwards looked really energetic. He also seemed like he wanted to be Obama’s VP (anyone notice him tag team with Obama against Clinton?).

Ultimately, my man Barry (as my friend calls him) will come out on top because I think his ‘breath of fresh air’ approach is coming at the perfect time. I think it’s safe to say that EVERYONE hates George Bush, so the further we get from him the better…what’s further than a young, engaging, Black guy? Thought so.

I want to hear what you think though, so use the comments to agree, disagree, throw out new questions or whatever.

Welcome to my blog and please come back. I’ll keep the updates coming and give you some good information about the Master’s of Business Administration.

-The RBG


Ca$h Flow Willie Vegas said...

Anyone who goes goes toe to toe in a dance off with Ellen Degeneres and walks away unscathed is getting my support come November.

Also word on the street is watching the Pistons is about as exciting as studying for the ACT.

Veronica said...

Hi RBG. I'm doing as I was told! I am obviously so happy for you and hope that I will see you next year and maybe we can have a year at the same school together.

I am studying for my GMAT right now. Totally sucking. Taking in March. First app due in July.

You better believe I will be following your developments.

Keep up the good work!

Henry said...

This blog is cool...I'm looking forward to coming back. I think Hillary is the best candidate though. She's been around the White House for a while and I think her experience is needed.

Christopher said...

Keep your eye on the prize RBG. I have mine on the same prize. I'm currently looking into getting an MBA myself.

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